söndag 31 juli 2011

18 karat gold wouldn't fill the hole
The bleeding hole in her heart
That's made from circumstances at home
18 days left

tisdag 26 juli 2011


Just you know, my heart bleeds for you.

Flowers, spring up from the ground
Thoughts, blooming slowly
Hearts, sailing away on bark boats
Shift the clouds
Drink the rain from silver cups
Tears shall fall
But dry on the warm rocks
1 month left

Goodbye my love

lördag 23 juli 2011

This one's for you.
Because you haunt me in my dreams.

The perfect words never crossed my mind,
Cause there was nothin' in there but you.
I felt every ounce of me screaming out,
But the sound was trapped deep in me.
All I wanted just sped right past me,
While I was rooted fast to the earth,
I could be stuck here for a thousand years,
Without your arms to drag me out.

When you're all that I think about
All that I dream about
How'd I ever breathe without, a goodnight kiss from goodnight you.

Signal Fire,
Goodnight Moon

fredag 22 juli 2011

The water sustains me without even trying
The water can’t drown me, I’m done
With my dying

The Water, Johnny Flynn

All swallowed in their coats
With scarves of red tied around their throats

Remember that your eyes can be your enemies

torsdag 21 juli 2011

This will be harder than I first thought.
Hold your breath.

I've never been afraid of the highest heights
Or afraid of flying now
I've never been afraid of the wildest fights
Not afraid of dying


tisdag 19 juli 2011

I hate all the beautiful people!

....................Do you feel us falling?...................

......................Cause I can feel us falling..................

....................So goodnight moon......................

When our hearts are heavy burdens
We shouldn't have to bare alone

måndag 18 juli 2011

If a man can't lie, how can he speak?

Fight Fight, Reach For The Sky

Hands up like you're reaching for the sky praying for a heartbeat
You try to find another sound
That takes you to the ground
To pull your head out of the clouds
A breath to bring you down
And let the court become the clown

"She's like a drug you can't get over never conscious never sober"

lördag 16 juli 2011

Hey idiots!
You're so stupid waisting your time on this crap.
As far as you know this might just be random lies.
Does it make you feel good reading about somebody elses misery.
Does it make it better.
This is just some kind of escapism for you.
So you can forget about your own miserable lifes.
Ha, instead of reading this you could have been out there making it better.
But no. You cowards.

"I told you she ain't no good,
but you never listened.
I was here all along."

"Life is like a shadow, it never stays in one place."


fredag 15 juli 2011

I dreamed of a murder.

söndag 10 juli 2011

when I was little, I always thought grown ups were really boring.

lördag 9 juli 2011

Always try to learn
To love the ones that don't show love in return

Hearts so pure in this broken place
Just know that everyone feels broken sometimes

lördag 2 juli 2011

Forgive the past, live today.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."


"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."