onsdag 30 mars 2011

I'm gonna stay
When you just wanna fight
When you're closing your eyes
cause you don't really love me.

måndag 28 mars 2011

I really don't know
but still, somehow I know
Today could be the break of something new
but it might be just another day
I feel I wan't to hide
Though I'm trapped inside,
Oh no, This was no good
well well, Here comes the sun! :)

lördag 26 mars 2011

"Tears are words that the heart can't express"

Thank you TWLOHA for your wonderful, encouraging quotes!

tisdag 22 mars 2011

Even though
I may stumble
May fall
I will rise

Beginning of Humble Hearts

Come closer. Take a peek in to my heart. See what you can find. Maybe you find something you didn’t expect. Or maybe you won’t find anything at all. Who knows? But that’s the beauty in it. You never know what’s coming for you. One day it’s just there, knocking on your door. And then you have to answer it.

måndag 21 mars 2011

I regret, I regret, I regret.
I'm so mad.
Angry with myself.
I should have done something,
But I didn't
Now I will regret this for the rest of my life.

All this love that I found,
I detest.

What a weird world.
What a weird life.
What a weird ride.
Feels like I'm on a roller coaster,
going up and down
up and down.
My life is like a roller coaster ride,
But right now,
I'm not the one steering.

lördag 19 mars 2011

The most disgusting, gross, horrible, warm, cold, HOT, wonderful, amazing and FUCKING AWESOME day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MCR, Thank you for bringing your wonderful souls to Sweden.

tisdag 15 mars 2011

My legs really hurt from walking and standing up all day long. Now I just want to go to sleep or something, but I can't.

måndag 14 mars 2011

Last night my head looked like it was covered in blood.
Today they say I look like a cartoon.

söndag 13 mars 2011

Dancing, dancing, dancing.
Longing, longing, longing.
Singing, singing, singing.
Loving, loving, loving.
Waiting, waiting, can't stand this waiting.

fredag 11 mars 2011

Imagine a world without music.
It's like a world without colours
everything would be black and white.
Like a flower without scent
like chocolate without taste.
I wouldn't wan't to live in that world
because it would't be a life to me.
So thank you world.
Thank you for existing.
Thank you for being noisy
Thank you for shining in all the colours
Thank you for smelling
Thank you for tasting.
Thank you for everything, the good and the bad.


One week
One week
One week
One week
One week
One week
I can't stand all this waiting!

torsdag 10 mars 2011

Positive thinking,
rerun your mind.

Turn the world upside down
and all the sad faces will look happy.

Look on the bright side.

tisdag 8 mars 2011

Why do you have to fight?
Just stop it, it is so childish and unnecessary.
Just lay your guns down and say you're sorry.
Take your grudges and tell the judges that you have grown up.
Forget about power.
So stop this war.
It's ridiculous.
A white flag, that's all you need.
Make love, not war!

måndag 7 mars 2011

the colour of the future
the colour of peace and life.
And some say it's the colour of money.
Green is the colour of the ground
the colour of harmony and balance

... of trees?

söndag 6 mars 2011

Welcome to life
here's what it's like
here's what it's always been
A shot in the dark
straight through the heart
while you're in the light with them
And welcome to hurt
welcome to fear
it's better now that everybody's here
Yeah welcome to life!!!!!

fredag 4 mars 2011

Oh no you did not just steal my mango!

After waiting two and a half hour out in the freezing cold, waiting to get inside and then wait 20 more minutes it was all over in just 15 seconds. Hmm.... I don't know how it went but, cross your fingers and hope.

torsdag 3 mars 2011

It's hard to believe how cruel the world could be
Only a few people live to tell the story
So many have died along the road
Given up
But what shall we do?
Keep fighting, or surrender
cause the war never ends.

onsdag 2 mars 2011

This is the best combination ever
1 cold
1 being tired
1 singing a very high song, very loud
1 hurting throat and feet
1 test tomorrow to which I haven't studied
And all goes FUSION, Yay!!!!!!
Not so yay.

tisdag 1 mars 2011

There are no words to describe how I feel right now.
It's like there's so many emotions and colors and stuff swirling around inside of me, but still I feel so empty.
But I'm really happy right now. I think. I hope.

Waiting, longing, loving for MCR.
Thanks guys for coming to Sweden!!!!!

Sorry for that, I just had to say it.